Promise PrEP

PrEP user needs

Brief summary

Work package 3 focuses on the needs of PrEP users. In this work package we study patterns of PrEP use, sexual behaviour and care needs of PrEP users in Belgium. By investigating these needs, we can develop more differentiated, patient-centred PrEP care.

Junior researchers:  Anke Rotsaert, Thibaut Vanbaelen
Supervisors: Thijs Reyniers, Bea Vuylsteke


Why this research?

Until now research on PrEP has focused on its efficacy, and on the feasibility of providing it on a large scale. Insights into PrEP users’ needs around PrEP care are still lacking. To optimise the use of PrEP, we need to understand which types of PrEP users there are, and what their specific care needs are, so we can adapt Belgian PrEP care accordingly.

Our main objectives

How will this research be done?

Expected results and output

We will gain more insights into:

Based on these insights, PrEP care can improve, and we can develop tailored PrEP care that focuses more on the patient.